Friday, April 01, 2005

Bovine Unite!!!!!!!!

We’re so milked! is officially live!

Georgia did such a great job with the site. It totally rocks my farm.
The design looks AMAZING! Not bad for a cow with four left feet.

Oh, and she installed some advanced security features so the humans can’t log in.

Georgia’s gonna keep the site pretty well up to date with all the 4-1-1 about C-Day and the latest herd meetings and everything. Cows from other farms can log on and post stuff on the bovine bulletin board and download all kinds of Bovine Unite stuff to help spread the word. It’s gonna be awesome.

Anyway, I should run. We have another herd meeting in a couple days to talk about next steps and I’ve gotta help Buttercup prepare the power-point. She’s giving a presentation about C-Day logistics. (She’s really taking the bull by the horns. Metaphorically speaking, of course).